University of Wisconsin – Stout

Composition I (ENGL 101)

Composition II (ENGL 102)

Writing for the Internet (ENGL 388)

Scientific Communication (ENGL 410)

Technical Communication (ENGL 415)

Writing Technical Manuals (ENGL 435)

Visual Rhetoric (ENGL 470, Graduate Course)

Kettering University

Written and Oral Communications I (COMM 101)

Written and Oral Communications II (COMM 301)

Technology and Culture (HUMN 391)

Rhetorical Principles of Public Speaking (COMM 313)

University of Minnesota

Writing on Issues in Science and Technology (WRIT 1152W)

Public Presentations in Professional Settings (RHET 1223)

University Writing (WRIT 1301)

Communication Modes and Methods (WRIT 3221W)

War (RHET 3376W)

Terrorism  (RHET 3382W)

Technical Communication (WRIT 3562W)

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