Refereed Articles

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. “Why the Museum? The Discliplinary and Interdiscliplinary Value of Gross’s Exhibit Analyses.” POROI. 10.2 (2014).

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. “Innovation and Discourse: Integrating Liberal Studies into Engineering Entrepreneurship Education.” The Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship. 3.1 (2012):  23-34. PDF

Schneider, Gregory J. “Putting the Logos to Work: A Reply to Meyer.” International Journal of Listening. 21.1 (2007): 66-71.

Book Chapters

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. “Professionalism from Below: Assembling Graduate Students during a Transition.” In Metamorphosis: The Effects of Professional Development on Graduate Students, Eds. Suzanne Webb and Andrea D. Davis. Fountainhead, 2013. Forthcoming.

Schneider, Gregory J. and Matthew P. Meyer.  “Being-in-the-Office: Sartre, the Look, and the Viewer.” Philosophy and the Office: Scenes from the Unexamined Life.  Edited by J. Jeremy Wisnewski. Blackwell, 2008.

  • Reprinted in Introducing Philosophy through Pop Culture. Editors: William Irwin and David Kyle Johnson. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

Book Reviews

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. Review of PowerPoint, Communication, and the Knowledge Society, by Hubert Knoblauch. Technical Communication Quarterly 22.4 (2013): 366-368.

Under Review

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. “Race is a Curved Straw: The Implications of Dissociation in Race Are we so different?Revised and resubmitted to Rhetoric Society Quarterly spring 2013.

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. and Julie Homchick. “From Cabinets of Curiosity to Modern Museums: Exhibits as Political Information Spaces.” Submitted to Technical Communication Quarterly spring 2013.

Schneider-Bateman, Gregory J. “Atmosphere, Ocean, and a Warming Planet: How Exhibits in Boston, London, and Paris Position Publics on Climate Change.” Submitted to Museum and Society spring 2013.

Selected Recent Conference Presentations

Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education through Liberal Studies. Poster presented at KEEN Winter Conference. Tempe, AZ, January 2013.

Atmosphere, Ocean, and a Warming Planet: How Exhibits in Boston, London, and Paris Position Publics on Climate Change. Culture, Politics, and Climate Change: An International Conference. Boulder, CO, September 2012.

Uncertainty in the Science Museum: Contributions to a Rhetorical Education. Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric International Conference. Waterloo, Canada, May 2012.

What do Museums Really Tell Us About Science and Why Does it Matter? Poster presented at Kettering’s Celebrate Achievement Expo. Flint, MI, April 2012.

Technical Communication within Entrepreneurship Programs: A Michigan Case Study. Council of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication Conference. Harrisonburg, October 2011.

Complicating Representations of Scientific Knowledge: The World of Viruses. Literature, Rhetoric, Values Conference. Toronto, June 2011.

Everyone Here is a Technical Communicator: Walking as Writing in Public Information Spaces. Association of Teachers of Technical Writing. Atlanta, April 2011.

Rhetoric and the Image of Science: Exhibits as Epideictic. Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference. Minneapolis. May 2010.

Between Science and the Social: Celebrating Science and Undermining Race in the Science Museum. National Communication Association. Chicago. November 2009.


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